Editor’s Note concerning Jo Ann Emerson

When mistakes are made on this site by me or anyone else, they must be acknowledged.

I have received several comments critical of my last blog entitled, PEC Board Considers Suing EPA: Renewable Energy Plans in Doubt.

jo ann emerson

NRECA’s Jo Ann Emerson

Specifically I have been criticized for my remarks about NRECA CEO Jo Ann Emerson. At the time of my writing I was not aware of the extent of Ms. Emerson’s illness–I had learned some weeks ago that Ms. Emerson had fallen ill overseas with a brain hemmorrage and was in the hospital and recovering. A press release suggested that her prognosis was positive and that she was looking forward to returning to work. It was not until yesterday that I learned that her condition was far more serious than that and that a search for an interim replacement was underway at NRECA. My criticism of her leadership of NRECA notwithstanding, it is simply not in my nature to criticize someone who is not in a position to respond or defend herself. It is wrong to kick someone when they are down. Had I known the true extent of her life-threatening illness I would have backed off any criticism of her completely. I am truly sorry I did not inform myself more fully and sincerely wish her well in her battle for life.


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