Oh Joe! Is It Really So?

Joe Summy’s Apology to Ernest Altgelt:

While discussing public and political issues in relationship to the PEC on the PECTruthwatch blog I posted references that offended my friend Ernest Altgelt, which may have been less than clear in my intentions. Ernest took offense that I was accusing him of sexual harassment. My criticism was never to target Ernest, but actually aimed at former and sitting PEC Boards for not upholding their own decorum policy.

joe summy

Joe Summy

 There is no dispute that I disagree with Ernest’s tactics. However, I never intended to accuse Ernest of sexual harassment. As a professional administrator I know the differences between sexual harassment, inappropriate behavior, and appropriate behavior.

That Ernest thought I accused him of sexual harassment grieves me. And, I full-heartedly and humbly extend this public apology. I never intended to hurt his feelings or his reputation of a man of character or impugn his reputation. And, if any of my comments were construed by anyone who read them to assume such I apologize for my lack of clarity.

altgelt 2

Ernest Altgelt

Furthermore, I feel I am morally obligate to freely and fully retract the statements that offended Ernest. I am truly sad for hurting Ernest and because the assumed lack of clarity does not reflect my training in the art of argumentation.
Ernest and I may disagree on argumentation methods, but I consider Ernest a friend and I respect his vigorous and intelligent contributions to public debate, and I see him as an ally in my own pursuit for openness and transparency concerning all public institutions, and the PEC which operates under democratic principles.
Publisher’s note: It has never been my intent for this blog to allege that Ernest Altgelt committed sexual harassment of female PEC employees in any comment or posting that I published in PEC Truthwatch. To the extent that any posting authored by me or another contributor may have been interpreted to suggest such an allegation, Mr. Altgelt also has my apologies.  I invite any contributor who may wish to post a clarification of any contributor’s  intent to submit such clarification to PEC Truthwatch.

3 thoughts on “Oh Joe! Is It Really So?

  1. I have no knowledge of Mr. Altgelt’s conduct toward individual members of the PEC staff, male or female and thus make no allegation of criminally wrongful conduct.

    However, I have been exposed to Mr. Altgelt enough to know that he is aggressively offensive, persistent in his unwelcome advances, obnoxious in manner and vexatious. Only second hand am I aware of his persistent, groundless and often ridiculous charges of corruption among PEC management and his deluge of demands on the PEC staff’s time and resources. To the extent to which that information is correct, and I have reason to think it is, it is offensive to me as a PEC member and as it should be to all members as it serves none of our interests – only Mr. Altgelt’s; whatever those might be.


    • Well,well, Dave. I see you’re still among the living! I must say I’m surprised to see that you, of all people, are taking to task, in rather hostile terms, a peson who, like you of old, at least, prided himself on questioning the directions management and the Board were taking our cooperative. What happened to the old Dave!

      Regards, in any case. I’m pleased to see that you are ticking.



  2. Mr. Collins: I fully respect your First Amendment and Member/Owners’ rights to make statements and express unfiltered personal opinions in PEC Truthwatch.

    Your criticisms against both my tactics and unfavorable judgments about our “dysfunctional” and hostile Board Directors are understood. Needless to say, we question your conclusions and assertions.

    We have missed seeing you as a Contributor and Attendee at the 2014 & 205 Regular Monthly and Special Board Meetings. Nevertheless, I am hopeful, and urge, for you in the upcoming 2016 year, to will attempt to become more involved with the Business Affairs and Transparency, Openness, and Accountability issues, which unfortunately still persist at our Co-op. If you become more involved in 2016, its is likely your opinions will become more believable, forceful and accurate, for all concerned.

    Both of us owe Larry Landaker, and his PEC Truthwatch. for providing and effective outlet to discuss important issues relevant to the PEC Co-op.

    Ernest Altgelt
    PEC Member/Owner


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