Milton Hawkins on Operation RoundUp

Milton Hawkins edited

PEC Member Milton Hawkins

guest columnby Milton Hawkins, PEC Member

My quick reading of the information in the current agenda/supporting materials document (CEO Action Items/Other Items – PEC Power of Change [Round Up] Program) regarding PEC’s attempt to implement an Operation RoundUp program indicates that the PEC directors intend something very different from the typical program.

It appears that they intend something that does NOT replace or diminish any of their current giveaway programs, programs that allow them to take as much of our money as they please, and use it as they please.

In addition, it appears that they intend something that they retain total control of, including the distribution of the amounts that are donated, rather than appointing a board of directors consisting of owner-members to make those decisions.

In other words, it appears to me that they intend something that frustrates the whole point of Operation RoundUp programs, which is owner-member control of a cooperative’s charitable contributions.

This scheme appears to be designed to entice owner-members to provide yet more of their own money, this time on a voluntary basis, to fund the directors’ existing self-promotion giveaway programs.

Instead of replacing the current giveaway scheme, it appears that this new scheme simply adds funding to the old one, producing yet more money for the directors to play with.

I will not be opting in, given what I have seen so far.

How does it strike you all?

Milton Hawkins, PEC Member

PS: I’m assuming that you all know how these programs are supposed to work. But just in case you need a refresher, use this link to see how the program works in our neighboring cooperative to the west, CTEC:


One thought on “Milton Hawkins on Operation RoundUp

  1. Member/Owner Milton Hawkins (Johnson City) has been, and still is, fully correct, about the obvious defective, unusual design, and implementation, of our PEC’s “Operation Roundup” program for Charitable Giving and Donations,

    The published PEC Agenda and accompanying materials for the Feb 22, 2016 “Regular” Board Meeting, were intended by the Board to “mislead” and misinform the Member/Owners about the Co-op’s planned Operation Roundup program for Charitable Giving, of the Member/Owners’ funds.

    In Addition, we assert the same published PEC Board Agenda also fails to properly identify, inform,and give Notice, to the Member/Owners, about the pending docketed legal pleadings and specific causes of action as being brought by our Co-op before the Texas Public Utility Commission against, the City of Georgetown d/b/a Georgetown Utility System. See, Texas Electric News, Article 02/24,/2016 by Reporter Denise Stokes, “Pedernales Electric Co-op files Second Request for Cease and Desist Order.,” .

    Our Electric Co-op and its Board, appear to still having a Mission and Practice, to avoid Openness, Transparency, and Accountability Please communicate with PEC Truthwatch, your judgments and concerns.

    Ernest Altgelt
    PEC Member/Owner
    Lakeway, Tx.


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