PEC Truthwatch Now Welcomes Guest Contributors!

guest contributors wantedI didn’t really have a vision for PEC Truthwatch when I launched it following my election defeat last June. I was seeking  some meaningful way to remain engaged with important PEC issues following six productive years of serving. Suddenly free of the need to constrain myself, I was finally able to speak frankly and in an unvarnished manner. People responded. To my surprise, this blog quickly developed a respectable following among PEC members, area media, elected officials and industry.

PEC Truthwatch is a beast continuously hungry for content and I have concluded that I cannot or should not feed it all by myself. guest contributor2So… I have decided to open things up to any member, employee or board member who wishes to submit a guest column. Member Milton Hawkins submitted the first one this week entitled, “Milton Hawkins on Operation Roundup”.

Here is your chance to put your thoughts and opinions forward and reach a growing audience of PEC members and interested parties.

Here are the rules.

  • Provide me with your name and a recent digital photo of yourself.
  • All content should be broadly related to PEC and the electric cooperative industry.
  • Be informed. Be truthful. Be accurate. Opinion pieces are welcomed but unfounded rants are not.
  • Nothing will be considered in excess of 650 words.
  • All viewpoints are welcomed.
  • Nothing libelous or slanderous.
  • All published columns are subject to reader comments.
  • Limit one post per month per contributor (see exception note below).
  • Submissions by vendors seeking to do business with PEC or its members will not be published.
  • Understand that I am the sole editor and publisher of PEC Truthwatch and, as such, am legally responsible for its content.  I will generally not edit your content in any way but will control its headline and graphics. Any content deemed irrelevant or inappropriate in any way may be rejected.

Important note: PEC Truthwatch will accept submissions from qualified candidates seeking election to the PEC board but will limit those submissions to two (2) from any candidate at any time during the campaign period–content only,  no flyers or graphics.

Got it? Now go forth and get published!!

Submit all submissions to my email address:






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