Carlos Palasciano Endorsed by Dave Collins


Endorsement4PEC Election Time by Dave Collins

Dave COllins

Dave Collins PEC Member

The annual PEC election of Board members is upon us. The candidates for the open seats in District 4 and 5 have been announced and the ballots will be arriving beginning May 19th, along with electronic voting information. While it turns out that only one candidate was announced for the District 4 seat being vacated by Director Chris Perry, a challenger for the seat in District 5 is running. Director James Oakley, current Board President, will face Carlos Palascianco.

After reading Mr. Palasciano’s biography, posted on the PEC web site at: I contacted him at his election email address: I was pleased to receive a prompt reply which led to a very pleasant exchange to include a copy of his concisely worded campaign platform. These are his five goals:

  1. Greater Value for Member Owners – by Enhancing and Improving the Current Rate Design.
  2. Consumer Centric Energy Efficiency Programs.
  3. Fiscal Discipline.
  4. Accelerate expansion of Solar Energy Initiatives.
  5. Advocate that PEC Directors cannot hold any Salaried Political Office – similar to other Texas Utility Coops.

The full text of the platform is here:

Carlos Palaciano

Carlos Palasciano Candidate for PEC Board District 5

After reviewing his platform I was even more impressed and pleased. I requested and he readily agreed to a phone conversation. We discussed my questions and comments about the platform as well as his additional thoughts about the PEC. What was scheduled for 20 minutes or so ran to an hour, as we had a very productive exchange. In the course of that discussion I confirmed two things. I would be endorsing Mr. Palasciano’s bid to oust Director Oakley and, to the extent to which I can, encourage others to vote for him, too.

Mr. Palasciano brings a number of very desirable traits, capabilities and attributes to this challenge. They are critical to effective representation of PEC members on the governing board of our coop. They also enable providing appropriate guidance and effective support to CEO John Hewa’s commendable efforts to achieve world class status for the PEC.

The PEC is, first and foremost, a not-for-profit corporation. Carlos is a highly experienced business man with executive-level skills and capabilities. Based on my experience as an executive and strategic business consultant, I was impressed by what Carlos brings to the job.

He is an effective communicator, exhibiting a critical communication skill – being an excellent listener. I came away convinced he wants to and will listen to the members; all the members, not just those he agrees with or who can benefit him.

Carlos has already invested considerable time over the past few years becoming familiar with the work of the PEC Board, the executive team and the opportunities and challenges facing the coop. He is ready to “hit the decks running” when elected.

Perhaps the most important thing Carlos brings to the board is a clear understanding of what having a member-owned coop for our electricity does and can continue to do to benefit us, the members. Since the member-driven reforms that began in 2006, too much of that knowledge and orientation has become lost among the current Directors – too few reflect that orientation now. PEC members very much need a capable and experienced Director who is dedicated to seeing the PEC remain a cooperative, dedicated to delivering the most reliable power at the lowest cost to members in a way consistent with sound business practices. Carlos Palasciano has persuaded me he is that candidate. I hope you will come to this conclusion as well and cast your vote for him. Please urge other members you know to do the same.






2 thoughts on “Carlos Palasciano Endorsed by Dave Collins

  1. I read your post, Dave, and want to compliment you on your perceptions about Carlos Palasciano.
    I too have spent time (several hours) talking with Carlos in person about his background.
    Mr. Palasciano is a self-made man, who has captured the “American Dream” by hard word in the private sector. He is the very antithesis (polar opposite) of the contemporary perception of a “politician”. Carlos came from a youth of relative poverty in Argentina, and as a youth, studied by candlelight when the choice for his family came down to either paying an electric bill or eating. He paid his way through college by working at night.
    He understands business, because he worked himself up to executive management in the pharmaceutical industry – an industry which faces challenges similar to PEC: It must compete to succeed. It must stay technically current. But it must stay affordable – wherein there is a rub. Pharmaceutical companies that serve stock holders interested in maximum returns, rather than customers, cause prices of drugs to increase – much the same as investor-owned electric utilities ultimately do, and some PEC Board members will do if successful in luring off our members into “customer choice” by profit-focused retail electric providers.
    He also understands how to work with, and partner with people to succeed for the betterment of the business and culture at large. This is a skill set that frequently only the private sector offers, these days. (He is not “self-serving”.)
    There is an old saying: “If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters”. I recognize integrity when I see it, and I see it in Carlos Palasciano.


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