Carlos Palasciano Makes His Case

Editor’s Note: In keeping with the publicly posted policy of PEC Truthwatch,  candidates for election to the PEC board are offered access to this site for the purpose of making their cases for election. What follows is Carlos Palasciano’s…
Voting for the annual PEC election of Board members started Thursday, May 19th and continues through June 18th.  Ballots will now begin arriving in your mailbox, including electronic voting information. 
When you receive your ballot, you have the option to vote online at:
My main goals are: 

  1. Maintain the integrity of the founding principles of a Cooperative – PEC needs to keep its structure as its own entity with member owners.  We don’t want PEC to become privatized.

I am committed to retaining the PEC independent member-owned model and focus on delivering the most reliable power at the lowest cost to our members.

  1. Greater Value for Member Owners – by Enhancing and Improving the Current Rate Design, Expand green energy options, and insure the best value for our monthly payments.  .

You can view a video of me discussing this on my Facebook

page Vote Carlos Palasciano for PEC Director District 5

  1. Advocate that PEC Directors cannot hold any Salaried Political Office – similar to other Texas Utility CO-Ops.  My opponent is currently employed by Burnet County in an elected position that I believe could create a conflict of interests.

You can read more about my goals and concerns at:
If elected to the Board, I will dedicate myself to Collaborate, Advocate and Anticipate the changes required to build a better, more transparent and independent PEC.
I hope that you will support me this election, so that I can support you!

Thank you for your vote!
 Carlos Palasciano


palasciano message


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