Following the Money. Member Demands Answers.

Guest Post by William Boggs, former PEC Director


This post pertains to three Directors of PEC, and one soon-to- be Director:  Judge James Oakley (who seems to prefer the title “Judge” over “Director” or “President of the Board of Directors”), Judge Jim Powers (running unopposed and 10 years removed from the bench), Amy Lea SJ Akers, and Paul Graf.


James Oakley


Two of these individuals in the  current election cycle (Oakley and Powers), and two in the previous election cycle (Akers and Graf) received support in the form of multiple mail outs to tens of thousands of PEC members by an organization entitled “Texans for Affordable Electric Rates”.

jim powers

Jim Powers

But amazingly, all of these seemingly intelligent individuals disavow any involvement or association with “Texans for Affordable Electric Rates”.

One wonders how this organization obtained all of their life accomplishments, family information, and photos.  And why or how would an organization with this much money and such  an auspicious title vet these four candidates (ensuring at  least  three of  their elections) without their agreement,  or confirming a set of shared values?


Amy Akers

There are 78 Electric Co-ops in the state of Texas.  Many Co-ops have their annual member meetings in the month of June, and Director elections beforehand.  But for the last two years “Texans for Affordable Electric Rates” has chosen to support only Director candidates that run for PEC!  Why is this?  Do the other 77 Electric Coops not need affordable electric rates?   Their target appears to be only PEC!

Could it be that Pedernales Electric Cooperative is the largest Electric Cooperative in the United States?  Could it be that PEC has over 250,000 members, and  if the PEC Board of Directors were to vote to enter into Competition (“customer choice”) that this would indeed be a sweet pie to divide up for Retail Electric Providers?

paul graf

Paul Graf


Who really are Oakley, Powers, Akers and  Graf answering to?  Whose interests are they really looking  out for?  PEC members?  Or a collection  of external entrepreneurs and investors interested in stealing our  members?

William D. (Bill) Boggs



9 thoughts on “Following the Money. Member Demands Answers.

    Let’s Remove the Logs from Our Eyes

    Strange…all this talk now about the sinister influence of special interest groups. Especially, since they have been at work in all of the elections since 2007. And, don’t you remember that letter five PEC board members received from the “PEC4U Steering Committee” reminding those board members-two of whom are still on the board-who got them elected…”who brought them to the dance”? Reminding those five board members that it was pay back time. Don’t you remember that letter? Don’t we need to remove the logs from our eyes?

    Oakley, Graf, and Akers weren’t even on the board at that time. Don’t you remember that letter? I believe you can get a copy through the open records department of the PEC. Or, you can ask State Senator Frazer for a copy. Or the Austin American Statesman. Or, any of the five board members who received the letter. I remember that letter and to whom it was addressed.

    Since 2006 I have known of the activists and special interests involved. I have come to accept this is now a part of the PEC political process-sad but true. The only antidote for the influence of special interest groups is a dramatic increase in the number of PEC members voting in the elections…the members without alliances to any special interest groups. (Note: Only about 8%-10% of the 250,000 members vote in PEC elections)

    Don’t you remember that letter?


    • Quit boring us, Joe Summy, with the same old saw I’ve heard from you since 2009 when the election didn’t go your way. I would expect someone with a doctorate in education to offer some nuance–some new perspective –some intellectual rigor above the sophomore level you presently occupy.

      You have missed the point. Of course there are special interests across the political spectrum (as even you have acknowledged). Most of us identify with one or the other. Nothing wrong with that. When Clement, Scanlon, Cox and I ran and won, we were supported by Clean Water Action and Public Citizen. No secret to what they stand for–clean air and renenwable energy–the very things that are an anathema to you. That is why you bellyache about “special interests” like a broken record–you do not like the clean energy agenda, preferring to act as the house butler for carbon-based interests and your partisan political preferences.

      The difference between the special interests who supported me and the ones identified in the post by Bill Boggs is that we know not one iota about the REAL agenda of Texans for Affordable Rates. Who does not support affordable rates? It’s like having a special interest called, Texans for Better Tasting Kale. The question is what is the real agenda behind the name? Are they for Customer Choice? Are they for aborting renewable energy initiatives? Are these the interests to whom you want to turn the cooperative over Joe? Suppose you enlighten us. Who is behind the Texans for Affordable Rates? Who do they really represent? What do they hope to buy from our sitting board? And why do the beneficiaries of their money (Graf, Oakley, Powers and Akers) seem to hear no evil, see no evil? With due respect to the late great Muhammad Ali, they play the rope-a-dope.

      In my profession, I am duty bound to KNOW. It goes to the duty of care. If I didn’t know, I SHOULD have known. That’s how it works. If these PEC board members and candidates are receiving campaign funds from this group, they have a duty to KNOW. If they don’t know then they are dunces and SHOULD find out. I doubt that they are dunces. They should come clean with PEC and tell the members what they know about Texans for Affordable Rates and quit peeing on our legs.


    That infamous letter can’t be justified!

    Come on Larry, you know the past always comes back in politics…I am going to keep singing that same old song because we have hypocrites crying about the involvement of special interest now; although, there have always been special interest groups involved. Besides, there might be some out there that have never read or heard about that infamous special interest letter. And, it is infamous, one can not justify it. We repeat reminding others about our history because by understanding our history…just maybe we won’t make the same mistakes. .


  3. Mr. Summy, you seem obsessed about some mysterious letter. Since you now know quite a lot about Friends of PEC (and in some way I can’t fathom conclude we are hypocrites) you presumably know our address. In the interest of straightening out my uninformed life, please mail us a copy at our PO Box.
    Thanks, Richard Golladay


    • Mr. Golladay,

      If you want a copy by the Austin-American on the issue of the letter written by Patrick George with and actual link to the original letter email at: and I will send you a copy of my 2015 newsletter with the two links.

      Joe Summy


  4. Mr. Golladay…that letter is in the public domain. And it is not mysterious….it is real and has been circulated from time to time. I gave various sources for that letter. However, I think you, as a well meaning person, will be shocked by the intent of that letter. Larry has a copy and he can post it right here if he wishes.

    Concerning “Friends of the PEC”, I signed up but I have never received any of your postings. That seems mysterious to me. I have no issues concerning your policies, except, although I prefer the cleanest and most renewable sources of energy, we can not rule our any source for generating electricity for national security reasons. And, cost does matter.

    In addition, I don’t care for all the negative assumptions you make about candidates you oppose. Please come up with concrete evidence. For example, I didn’t support Carlos, although, I like many of his answers for my newsletter. And, I didn’t make assumptions about him being influenced by the different groups supporting him. I didn’t support Carlos for one main reason: he supports at-large elections. Something concrete.

    As far as special interest groups, I am against the undo influence of any special interest group…including Texans for Affordable Rates. If I could find anything sinister about it, without making assumptions, I would call it out. So far I haven’t been able to do that and I have pretty good sources. Maybe there will be a slip-up, and another letter will arise. I am watchdogging Texans for Affordable Rates. If you have anything concrete you can confidentially email me at or mail it to me at PO Box 99, Johnson City, Texas, 78636.

    Thanks for your polite reply.
    Joe Summy


    • Joe Summy, I sat on the board for 6 years but I do not have a clue what you are talking about. What letter? What is it about? Even if I had a letter I would have no idea what to look for since I don’t even know what the subject is.

      If you want space on this blog then cut to it. Produce. If YOU can’t find the letter, then tell us the essence of it. Most of don’t have time for these games or all the “infamous” drama. Drum roll Mr. Summi…


      • Mr. Joe Summy. I am not sure but, I believe that you are living in the past. You responded to a post that I had sent in. I did not move to Leander until 2008. I have never had any involvement with PEC4U. I was on the Board for three years and I do not know of the “letter” that you speak about. I am not sure of which five Directors you are talking about. William D. (Bill) Boggs


      • Mr. Boggs,
        The letter was not addressed to you. Send me your email address and I will send you a copy of my newsletter in 2015 on the issue with a link to the story in the Austin-American written by Patrick George with another link to the actual letter. My email address is: You will see for yourself what the special interest expected for those they helped to get elected. Remember in politics history never goes away. My email address is:

        Thanks for your interest.
        Joe Summy


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