Ann Matlock Endorses Carlos Palasciano

Guest Post: Member Ann Matlock Endorses Carlos Palasciano

Endorsement4I am writing to urge all member/owners of Pedernales Electric Cooperative to vote for Carlos Palasciano for the District 5 position on the PEC board. Carlos is a retired businessman with integrity, excellent leadership skills and no conflicts of interest. This election is especially important.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR BALLOT, CALL 866-909-3549. M-F 8:00-5:00 CDT for a REPLACEMENT or for online assistance go to…

Eight years ago a group of members made a successful effort to rid our cooperative of illegal and unethical practices. Today PEC is a very well run cooperative that is responsive to members and works to lower our rates and provide dependable service.

We are now very attractive for acquisition by private interests who appear to be using large amounts of money to take over the board. The last election changed the balance on the board in ways that really are not good for members. This election is critical for reversing that trend. It would be especially helpful to replace the incumbent District 5 board member with someone who does respect our members, the Cooperative bylaws, and other board members.


Carlos Palaciano

Carlos Palasciano

We are fortunate to have Carlos Palasciano running for the District 5 seat on the board. He has been endorsed by the Friends of PEC and other members who have worked hard for an ethical and responsive PEC board.

If you are a PEC owner/member, please vote for him and urge others to do so also. All members can vote for all District positions. This practice means that all board members should work for all of us.

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Thank you,

Ann Matlock



3 thoughts on “Ann Matlock Endorses Carlos Palasciano

  1. Ann –

    You are right, the PEC is doing great. But you are also wrong, the PEC is not for sale, acquisition or otherwise. Readers should not be lead down a path that is incorrect.

    James Oakley


  2. I am using this space to forward a reply from Ann Matlock to Mr. Oakley’s most recent comment:
    __Larry Landaker

    James – I am not wrong. Of course, PEC is not for sale today. However,
    I believe that “choice”, a plan that you have said that you support,
    will open the door to the poaching of our member accounts by outside,
    for-profit interests, also known as Retail Energy Providers.

    It seems clear that “choice”, if adopted, will hurt PEC, its
    member/owners, and its employees.

    Fortunately, the membership has a positive way to improve the
    situation. We can vote for an excellent candidate who does not have
    conflicts of interest, and who will work effectively for all of our
    members, Carlos Palasciano.

    Ann Matlock


  3. Ann –

    To be clear, I have never said I want “choice”. I am affirming that position now. I would like to know who said I did …

    James Oakley


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