David and Shirley Schmidt Endorse

Guest Post by PEC members David and Shirley Schmidt

ExperienceMy husband and I want to encourage PEC members to cast their VOTE for  Carlos Palasciano to the Board. Carlos will represent the future needs of all who depend on PEC.  There are no short-cuts to providing dependable service that PEC members have enjoyed through drought, flood, tornados, wind storms, etc. to restores service.  Carlos is committed to taking the time to research and understand the needs and to make sound business decisions to continue PEC’s reliable service.

Carlos brings a wealth of experience that demonstrates his ability to embrace new

Carlos Palaciano

Carlos Palasciano

efficiencies that can provids improved service to the electricity customers in the PEC service area.   We have no illusion that generating future electricity will be successfully based primarily on old technologies.  We want PEC to continue with past methods when necessary but to embrace new sources of power generation that may go beyond even solar and  wind.future  We believe that Carolos has time, experience and competency to embrace new technologies that will continue to move PEC on the path into the future.

David & Shirley Schmidt



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