Oakley Out, Pataki In as Board President

Director James Oakley was easily re-elected to the Board of PEC, defeating challenger Carlos Palasciano.   Jim Powers, who ran unopposed, was also elected. Final counts are unavailable at this hour.

The only drama occurred when the board met subsequent to the Annual Membership Meeting for the purpose of electing its officers. Mr. Oakley, who served the past year as President was replaced as board president by Director Emily Pataki.


emily pataki

Board President-Elect Emily Pataki

Multiple sources inform PEC Truthwatch that the action of replacing Oakley as board president originated with the board itself. Some directors were apparently disgruntled with his leadership. The perception among some was that on too many occasions, the often controversial Mr. Oakley had overreached his authority. This blog has been critical over the past year of a number of issues associated with Mr. Oakley, who also serves as Burnet County Judge.


Mr. Oakley apparently agreed to serve as Vice President and Paul Graf was elected Secretary-Treasurer.

Ms. Pataki was elected to the PEC board in 2014 and will face re-election next year.

PEC Truthwatch congratulates Directors Oakley and Powers on their board elections. And we wish President Pataki all the best in her new responsibility as Board President.


2 thoughts on “Oakley Out, Pataki In as Board President

  1. Well Larry, here you go sensationalizing an issue. You should really think about publishing a tabloid. I had decided a few weeks ago to pass to gavel to Director Pataki. Your multiple mystery sources are not credible, and neither is this blog. It’s really worth exactly what one pays for it. BUT, I do thank you for the congratulations. I would ask that, in the future, when you inevitably decide to publish an article about me, you would give me the decency of contacting prior to at least HEAR my take on things. Otherwise, I’m forced to shoot back and the appearance becomes schoolyard back and forth.

    The membership has spoken, and with a resounding level of support, it would appear the clear majority are happy with my presence on the board. That presence includes my leadership style while serving as President of the Board. You claim I overstepped authority, yet both inside and outside legal counsels NEVER indicated any lines of authority even being tested. In fact, both have complimented my style of leadership and conducting meetings. That was also echoed by the CEO, several VP’s, senior staff members, admin. staff as well as line workers.

    I will also admit that I am in no way perfect. I make mistakes in life and I learn from them. While you have been very critical of me, and accosted me with un-truths, I have yet to see you mention that you voted to implement the SAP operationing system which led the wasting of some $50million member dollars.


    • PECTruthwatch stands behind this post 100%. My sources are trusted and I never rely on one single source. If this blog is not credible as you say, then I suggest you stop reading it and responding obsessively to it.


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