Statement From Carlos Palasciano

Carlos Palaciano

Carlos Palasciano

PEC Member-Owners.

I entered the race for D5 as an independent fresh voice of a member-owner. While attending Board Meetings regularly during the past two years, I concluded that the direction of the Board lacked transparency and commitment to the basic PEC CO-OP principles. Additionally, the perceived political  conflict of interest and well chronicled undemocratic decisions had resulted in an evident dysfunctional Board.
My campaign focused on these concerns and emphasized my previous professional background. My primary desire was to employ my accrued professional business management expertise to usher a collaborative consensus building approach to the PEC Board. My desire and belief was to represent all member-owners, beyond District 5.  My campaign lacked the financial and political resources that is required in today’s PEC electorate environment. Yet, it was loaded with enthusiasm and passionate commitment to keep PEC independent and free of outside business interests.
The results clearly indicate that the voters preferred the status quo. However, as we later learned,  it is also evident that the Board was concerned with its direction and a change of Board leadership was required. PEC now has a new Board President. Well done.
I am extremely appreciative to the numerous unsolicited endorsements I received. I am also grateful to several member-owners who joined me in my “walking campaign” visiting different localities and engaging voters into a one to one conversation.
I look forward to the new direction of the PEC Board.

Carlos Palasciano   17209 Majestic Ridge Rd., Austin, Texas  78738 |

3 thoughts on “Statement From Carlos Palasciano

  1. Carlos –

    I take exception to your jab re: board leadership. You should know that I had decided prior the annual meeting, and I announced at the regular meeting before we voted on officers, that I would not accept another term as President. I thought it would be good to pass the gavel to the well suited Director Pataki, and that is why I nominated her along with my sharing that I would not accept the position again. Subsequent of that vote, the majority of the Board asked me to be Vice-President. You conveniently left that aspect out of your statement.

    Carlos, your campaign centered on attacking my integrity while touting yours. As reinforced in the cheap shot in your “statement” aimed at me, it appears 76% of the voting members had the truth figured out.

    Also, as for your other jab on not having the financing to run a campaign. You should know I spent nothing. Yes, there was a post card sent out on my behalf, just as a group sent one out on your behalf.

    I never said anything negative about you during the election. However, that process is over and you continue to provide insight and evidence of your capacities.


  2. Carlos has discovered what everyone else has discovered that has ever questioned you, Mr. Oakley: You are always right, and they are always wrong. And not only wrong – but deserving of labels such as “lap dog”, or whose website, in the case of Friends of PEC (which doesn’t even mention you) is called “rogue”. If all that any of us has ever stood for is preserving our Co-op AS IT IS , without change, is regarded as “rogue” by you, then that has implications of how you should be regarded by fair-minded people.
    Without doubt Carlos received some help by individuals and organizations who wanted to see you replaced. At least these individuals and organizations were not motivated by profits or a political machine. In stark contrast, you received support from a secretive dark-money organization called “Texans for Affordable Energy Rates”. which is apparently a front organization advocating deregulation of our Co-op for special-interest large power generation/energy companies. The raw truth is that this organization is a de-facto “energy consultant”, adverse to PEC and Co-op principles, and by virtue of willingly receiving their support in the form of mail-outs, both you and Mr. Powers have violated PEC’s conflict of interest requirements. Both yours and Mr. Power’s election to PEC’s Board are therefore ILLEGITAMATE.
    Both you and Mr. Powers sneaked onto our Board by deceit, but perhaps you can be removed openly in the light of day. No Mr. Oakley, 76% of the voters didn’t have the “truth figured out”. They were blinded by the well orchestrated snow-job and political machine behind you.


  3. The Unusually Abhorrent Power and Control by Special Interest Groups in PEC Elections When Only 8%-11% of the 230,000 Members Vote.

    I personal lament the involvement of all special interest groups in the PEC politics since 2006, even before the first so called “reform” elections.

    What Mr. Golladay fails to mention is the involvement of the PEC4U Core Group & its ‘steering’ committee, Public Citizen & Clear Water Action, the State Realtors Association, and Friends of the PEC (Is this just a renaming of PEC4U?). with the help of the friendly “media” in PEC elections. There is documentation that the PEC4 steering committee ( letter) and Public Citizen & Clear Water Action (power-point presentation) proudly claim responsibility for the election of their candidates. And in the “letter” the writers have no problem reminding their 5 directors that they expect special consideration. How have their candidates been able to win at-large elections and sometimes not even carry their own districts?

    Greed can be expressed in several ways besides financially…it can also be expressed in greed for power and control. In fact, the al-large election have not been any different in this regard then the old proxy system. Except the new system has even been more deceptive under the disguise of “transparency and democracy”.

    I have just the opposite opinion concerning who were elected illegitimately. Shouldn’t candidates carry their own districts?

    Joe Summy

    Joe Summy


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