Member Calls PEC Management Salaries “Eye Opening”

eye opening

guest submission by Ernest Altgelt, PEC Member/Owner


 Our Board of Directors and CFO Tracy Golden, recently file for Calendar Year 2015 with the IRS, a Form 990 (Return for Organization Exempt from Income Tax).

 Such 2015 IRS Form 990 for the Pedernales Electric Co-op (PEC), is now posted on our Co-op’s Website.

The Readers of PEC Truthwatch, should access, and then carefully read, the subject 2015 IRS Form 990; particularly focusing on Schedule J — Annual Total Compensation of Officers, Directors, Key Employees, and Highest Compensated Employees.

 The following “eye-opening” 2015 Annual Compensation is included in Schedule J among the Fifteen (15) individuals listed:

J. Hewa, CEO,$717,576

L. Parnell, Chief Information Officer $270,022

T. Golden, CFO, $349,071

J. Beggs, VP Corporate Services $259,040

D. Ballard, VP Legal, $265,788.

 Readers of PEC Truthwatch are respectfully asked to post their Comments and Analysis relevant to the PEC’s  “eye-opening” Annual Total Compensation being paid for Calendar Year 2015 as to its Highest Compensated Officers, Directors, and Employees.

 Also consider comparing the PEC’s  Annual Compensation as paid to its CEO and Highest Paid Employees, with that for Austin Energy. On information and belief, Austin Energy presently has, and has had, considerably more captive electric retail customers and accounts than our PEC.  In addition, Austin Energy unlike our PEC Co-op has “ownership interests and oversight” over Generation facilities.

 Ernest Altgelt

PEC Member/Owner


5 thoughts on “Member Calls PEC Management Salaries “Eye Opening”

  1. Mr. Altgelt, you lack perspective. Our CEO makes a well deserved salary which is slightly higher, but not altogether out of line with LCRA’s GM. It would appear that any comparison to Austin Energy is unwarranted, since that is a municipality, whose rates, by the way, are substantially higher than ours.
    Listed below are salaries of execs at some of the larger generation providers in Texas. Pretty high, wouldn’t you say ? High enough for you Mr. Altgelt? It is worth remarking that three of these companies share six of the top ten highest mercury pollution rates from their coal plants in the entire US – poisoning our lakes, run-off into our streams, and our air. And these generation companies supply most of the power sold by Retail Electric Providers (REPs) in Texas – whose interests four of our Board members apparently were bought to represent in their elections to PEC.

    Meanwhile, PEC’s executive team is trying to get us some clean, renewable energy, in spite of being chained to LCRA’s coal contribution, over which we have no control. Do these facts escape you Mr. Altgelt, or is your motive to always find some fault with PEC’s management?

    Having worked for three large electric utilities during my career, I know a great executive team when I see one. And PEC has the best team I’ve ever seen.

    As promised above, here are the executive salaries of those companies poisoning us and our kids, and coveting our members to get “Customer Choice” from REPs, whom they supply:.

    David Crane, CEO of NRG: $8,664,000
    James Burke, CEO of TXU: $2,669,000
    Nicholas K. Atkins, CEO of AEP: $11,452,000
    M.A. McFarland, CEO of Luminant: $2,705,000


    • Mr. Golloday:

      It is remarkable you consider the “bloated” compensation now being paid to the Executives and Senior Management of the PEC, to be proper and well-deserved.

      Your comparisons with the compensation as provided to employees and management of private sector for-profit y businesses are un- convincing, and not germane to nnt-profit entities such as the PEC. The Compensation being paid to the Executives and Management of Electric Municipal Utilities is more accurate and relevant data, as is pointed by Member/Owner Clyde Doyal in his comments.

      In the ten annual periods of 2006 – 2015, our PEC Co–op with regard to controllable expenses ranked No. 1 for seven yeas, and No. 3 for three years, as the most cost-inefficient electric cooperative, among the large electric’ cooperatives in the U.S.

      We must wonder why yourself, PEC Management, and its Divided Board, continue to tolerate and condone and obfuscate this “abysmal” performance to the detriment of its Members/Owners?

      Ernest Altgelt
      PEC Member/Owner


  2. City manager of Los Angeles makes less than $300K a year and he manages a team responsible for providing a multitude of services(including utilities) to over four million people. Are the PEC directors trying to make Bennie and his posse look good?


    • ok, should have done better research. How about Mayor of Chicago? Runs the city of Chicago. Salary $216,000 per year. A hell of a lot more responsibility than manager of PEC. There are many more examples of Administrators with much more responsibilities who make much less than the bloated compensation of PEC execs. Spin it however you like its still outrageous.


  3. Something here is amiss. I don’t think the City of Los Angeles has a “City Manager”. Executives of various City of LA departments report to the Mayor, and not some “City Manager”, and there are many hundreds of them. ranging from managers and deputy managers of airports, harbors, parks, fire and police, zoo, engineers, transportation, city planners, etc.. In fact, looking at the entire City of LA employee database I could not find a single listing for “City Manager”. Nor does the official “City of Los Angeles” website list a City Manager.

    If he exists, then what is his name?

    LA County has a “Chief Executive”, who makes about $385K, but he is not a “City Manager” at all, and certainly not of LA. Also, LA has numerous suburbs, many having City Managers. For example, West Hollywood, population 37,000, has a City Manager paid $309K.
    You would think “City Manager” of LA would be high profile, but somehow neither Goggle or Bing can find him or her, at least not for me. But Mr. Doyal, the manager of the LA Zoo gets $210,000.


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