“Time For a Tree and a Rope”

james oakley 3jpg

PEC Board VP James Oakley

I have been away from PECTruthwatch for quite some time because I have had other things to pursue and do. But I will not remain seated and silent when I see a Facebook post like the one below by former PEC Board President and current board officer, James Oakley.

What Mr. Oakley suggested was racist. A sitting County Judge in Texas has suggested that a black man accused of a crime in San Antonio, TX should be lynched. Do the members and employees of PEC agree with Mr. Oakley’s statement? Do the people of Burnet County? I trust they do not agree. I hope they believe America to be a nation of laws and due process. The accused is entitled to a defense before a jury, however heinous the accusations against him may be. See Mr. Oakley’s incendiary post below:


Mr. Oakley’s statement is unacceptable and he should apologize to the members of PEC. He may do so on this site if he wishes. If he does not apologize, he should resign.  He should resign both of his positions– as county judge, and his seat on the Board of PEC. He is not fit to serve.

If he does not resign from PEC, other directors should impeach him. They should call a special meeting of the board and address the matter forthwith. There is no place on the PEC board of directors for an open racist. This is not political correctness. It is racism in its rawest form and it is offensive. This cannot become the new norm.

It is well known that Mr. Oakley, with limited talent and intellect, aspires to higher office. Sadly for him, his Facebook statement will follow his future and haunt him into the afterlife.


21 thoughts on ““Time For a Tree and a Rope”

      • He is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Your term copkiller serves no purpose but to show your bias and inflame emotions just like Mr. Oakley’s Facebook post. Mr. Oakley should resign his position in the board and his judgeship.


      • She’s not defending a cop killer. She’s standing against racism. Nobody disagrees that the man should be tried and sentenced, but that is not what James Oakley is recommending. A sitting judge called for a lynching.


  1. I’m sorry, but I don’t think the post by Mr. Oakley was racist. Mr. Oakley was probably only saying in a few short words that we need to return to an earlier era of American history, where quick justice was meted out for murder of police officers. I would agree with him. Give Mr. Oakley the benefit of the doubt and don’t assume something about him that I have high confidence is not true.


    • I don’t know what history books you have read, Mr. Golladay, or whether you just derive your information from too many reruns of Gunsmoke. Our nation was founded on a system of due process which includes the presumption of innocence, and a trial before a jury. What is it about a tree and a rope in reference to an accused black man that leaves you confused about Mr. Oakley’s meaning? Lynching was how the outlaw frontier and the racist south settled things outside the law. If what you would like is to bring those days back, then feel to say so.


      • Saying that the judges comments are inappropriate is not defending a cop killer. Stop being dramatic and intellectually dishonest.

        You are the problem.


      • Actually, they are defending the Constitution which protects the rights of all citizens regardless of populist sentiment. Since you used the term ‘Liberals’ I take it you are a ‘Conservative’ which would also mean that you likely claim to support the Constitution.

        Here, seems like you are instead more of a fascist in support of totally shredding it. Or you only think the Constitution applies to a certain segment of society and not others….which would make you r… never mind.


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  5. Saying a person should be hung is not racist. Assuming that it is racist, is racist, due to the fact that you’re assuming it’s racist because a white man said it. There are so many things wrong with the statement,especially coming from a judge, but nothing in the statement actually points to racism. Please open your heart to the possibility that when a white person says something shitty about another person of another race, it might not have anything to do with race, but the person.


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  7. I find it funny that if I disagree with you I am either a racist or stupid. I read the post and it never occurred to me that he was talking about lynching a black man. I thought he meant good old fashioned western justice. I guess none of you have ever said something that someone else
    misunderstood your actual meaning.


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