Correction and Apology

Larry Landaker, Editor and Publisher, PECTruthwatch

A short time ago a post on PECTruthwatch was briefly published  with a photo of James Oakley and Jim Powers (together). That post was published in error. The post entitled, “Soulmates in Ignorance” and was removed some five minutes after it posted when it was discovered that the author of several comments to the Austin American-Statesman was James R. Powers,  but apparently not the same Mr. Powers who serves the PEC board. Because of this mistake, I extend my own apology to Jim Powers. I should have double-checked the referral I received and did not do so thoroughly and I was, therefore, wrong.


3 thoughts on “Correction and Apology

  1. You might be interested to know that Mr. Oakley will be participating on a judicial panel at TTU Marble Falls at 6pm on Tuesday December 6, 2016. This is open to the public


  2. “Unvarnished Truth”??? It is obvious that you have a vendetta against Mr. Oakley, and are indeed racist yourself. I do not glean “truth seeking” from what I have read.


  3. I don’t have a dog in this fight because I don’t know all of the facts…..however, I have a pet peeve towards any anonymous postings…especially those that attack, and are mean and nasty.


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