Compliance Committee to Meet. Board Recommendation awaits.

By Larry Landaker, Editor and Publisher, PECTruthwatch.

Update and Correction 4:51pm December 4, 2016:

This post is effectively updated with a correction and revised headline. The entire board is not meeting on December 7, 2016. Rather, it is the special three-member “Compliance” committee that will meet to consider the complaints against Director Oakley. This committee is comprised of President Pataki, Director Graf and Director Scanlon. It is PECTruthwatch’s understanding that members will be permitted to speak. The committee is then expected to deliberate in executive session. The Board’s deadline for the committee to report back is December 9, 2016. 


From left to right, James Oakley, John Hewa (CEO), Emily Pataki (Board President), Don Ballard (General Counsel), Jim Powers, Kathy Scanlon, Cristi Clement. Present but not pictured above, Director Paul Graf

This is the second meeting within a week involving directors to consider the controversy surrounding recent public Facebook remarks made by PEC Director James Oakley. The last meeting was on November 30.  In that meeting which lasted approximately two hours, board members listened  as Mr. Oakley was given an opportunity to make comments. Then, a full, emotion-filled house of members and employees of PEC spoke. Finally, the board retreated to executive session, after which the Pedernales Electric Cooperative issued the following statement:

PEC has received and considered the complaint regarding Director Oakley’s social media comment.

A committee of board members has been formed to consider all allowable actions, per the cooperative’s bylaws.

PEC does not condone any type of offensive language. Consistent with our cooperative values, we proudly welcome and serve all members.


2 thoughts on “Compliance Committee to Meet. Board Recommendation awaits.

  1. Please remove Director Oakley. I am a customer and do not want a man given to racist remarks representing my interests. I am totally opposed to the language of hate; it has no place in our state or our country – now or ever.


  2. The Highlander Newspaper front page article today (Dec 9), which covered this event, was an example of conveniently incomplete journalism. Now Cristi Clement is now made out to be the villain. Regardless of your opinion on the propriety of Mr. Oakley’s remark, I understand that the entire Board (not counting Oakley) voted in open session 6-0 to “accept the complaint” – something the Highlander conveniently failed to report. Director Clement merely set the wheels in motion to a process which had full support of the Board. Only a Director (or General Council) has authority to file a complaint, which was left to Director Clement to perform.
    Further rounding out the fiasco of the meeting (and dutifully reported by the Highlander), some of the asinine statements made by some of the “2-minute experts” who shot off their mouths serve to illustrate part of the problem: PEC is being hijacked by a political machine. Comparing Oakley with Donald Trump (apparently), “Oakley is going to make PEC great again”, according to one commenter.
    But PEC was great before Oakley, and in spite of Oakley. Connecting PEC’s excellent financial standing, and its record of lowering rates three times in the last 3 years with Oakley (or any other Board member) is ludicrous. Our CEO (John Hewa) and his staff get that credit.


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