Single Member Districts Revisited


Single Member Districts Revisited

by Richard Golladay, PEC Member

It has been almost eleven months since the now-corrupt PEC board voted (without member consent) to adopt Single Member Districts for the Co-op.  The Board members who forced this upon the Co-op were Emily Pataki, Paul Graf, Amy Akers, Jim Powers, and James Oakley.  The pre-designed goal which this achieved is to create a voting system that ensures the most well-financed and wealthy candidates win all future Board elections (financed, of course, by energy special interests).

Richard Golladay

Richard Golladay

Four of these Board members, when they were running for office, employed mass mailings of campaign flyers.  It is instructive to note that in none of Power’s, Graf’s, Aker’s, or Oakley’s mailed out election campaign flyers was the platform of “Single  Member Districts” ever mentioned.  Not  once that I can find.

Yet, during the August 19, 2016 meeting in which this issue was forced upon us, in what was most certainly a pre-orchestrated justification (Graf and  Powers sounded like dual recordings of a pre-rehearsed song) you would conclude this issue was a major one from the day they began to solicit signatures to  get on the ballot.

But just why did such an impassioned and noble “ideal” require a  later “coming  out” to  be  revealed? Why hide from the members what you really think, until after you’re elected?  And then force it on them (without their consent)?

It appears they’ve always owned this agenda – a hidden agenda that  wouldn’t sell with most PEC members.  (Indeed, it was voted down twice back when all members were allowed to vote.)  Was it an agenda they were solicited and coached to perform – under the radar, until a  super-majority could be achieved?  An agenda defined by some of their financiers: the “Texans  for  Affordable  Electric Rates” and “American Reform Coalition” energy/political cartel?  An agenda defined by an anti-PEC political machine, most visibly represented by  Republican politicians Tony Dale and Paul Workman?

You decide, PEC member.  But remember: Never evaluate a politician by what he says before an election, but by what he does afterward.  Mark it down: With politicians there’s almost always an overlying spoken facade which baits people, but the real agenda is only revealed later.

We don’t want or need politicians for District Directors at PEC, but men and women bent on serving ALL our members, in ALL our Districts, and upholding the seven Cooperative principles.

Are these Board members really servants to all of PEC’s members, or are they only hireling politicians serving an outside agenda destructive to PEC?  You decide.


One thought on “Single Member Districts Revisited

  1. We Owners did not vote for this gerrymandering, in fact we voted it down. But because of it we have absolutely no power. It took law suits to get rid of the Fuelberg system. Is that our only recourse now too?


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